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NAMI Signature Programs

A weekly recovery support group for people living with mental illness in which participants learn from each other’s experience and share coping strategies as they offer each other encouragement and understanding.

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Most NAMI Signature Programs are presented free of charge. They require a commitment of time for participants and the dedicated efforts of trained volunteers who deliver them.

A twelve-week course for family members and loved ones of individuals who have a mental illness. The Bio-Psycho-Social content gives families the information they need to provide effective support. The class is presented by a teaching team. 


A new NAMI signature program for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental health needs. There are six 2 ½ hour sessions taught by trained teachers who have the lived experience.   

Support Groups, which meet monthly, go beyond “share and care” to problem solving and coping skills. Co-facilitators work together and address negative group dynamics with HEART. 


A recovery education presentation is given by trained consumer presenters who tell a part of their stories. Presentations can be given to any organization or group that requests speakers, and who want to learn about mental illness from a consumer’s perspective.

Provider Workshop:  A six-hour, one-day workshop presented to professionals by trained family members, professionals and consumers.

Parents and Teachers as Allies: A two-hour in-service program on mental health education for school professionals. It includes early warning signs and how to communicate with parents so children can be linked to the services they need. 

For more information call you NAMI Missouri
at:  1 (800) 374-2138 or (573)-634-7727

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