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NAMI Hall of Fame

NAMI Missouri would like to congratulate the volunteers inducted into the NAMI Hall of Fame.

The NAMI National Education Hall of Fame recognizes people who have dedicated themselves to leading NAMI classes, presentations, support groups or trainings. Honorees receive a certificate and a lapel pin to recognize their achievement.

The following NAMI Missouri members have been inducted into the NAMI Hall of Fame:

  • Frank Bair – Family Support Group Gold Member
  • Anngie Hampton – In Our Own Voice Gold Member
  • Tim Harlan – Family Support Group Gold Member
  • Diana Harper – Family Support Group Gold Member
  • Marilyn Kinnett – Family Support Group Gold Member
  • Manny Leonhard – Connection Recovery Support Group Gold Member
  • Anngie Hampton – In Our Own Voice Silver Member

Congratulations to all our inductees!

Who qualifies for Hall of Fame?

  • Program leaders can be awarded for either Silver Level achievement or Gold Level achievement in each program. They must meet the requirements within a single program. Programs cannot be combined.
    • For example, someone who led 30 NAMI Ending the Silence presentations would qualify for a Silver Level honor in that program. Someone who led 15 NAMI Ending the Silence presentations and 15 NAMI In Our Own Voice presentations would not qualify. However, if they meet the requirements within each program, people may qualify for multiple Hall of Fame honors.

Requirements by program:

  • Classes (NAMI Homefront, Basics, Family-to-Family, Peer-to-Peer, Provider)
    • Silver: 10+ classes
    • Gold: 20+ classes
  • Presentations (NAMI Ending the Silence, NAMI In Our Own Voice)
    • Silver: 30+ presentations
    • Gold: 60+ presentations
  • Support groups (NAMI Connection, NAMI Family Support Group)
    • Silver: 2+ years facilitating
    • Gold: 5+ years facilitating
  • Trainings (All programs)
    • Silver: 10+ trainings per program
    • Gold: 20+ trainings per program

Hall of Fame

Gold 2018

Silver 2018

Gold 2014-2017

Silver 2014-2017

Silver & Gold 2011-2013


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